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About Me

My name is Sam Stevens. I’m a third year undergrad at THE Ohio State University, where I study Computer Science and minor in German.

I previously worked on TicketBay with Salty Software and HealthyAgers with Dr Ruchika Prakash.

I’ve been lucky to intern at GE Aviation (twice!) in Cincinnati and study abroad in Dresden, Germany. I will be interning at Microsoft in Seattle this summer (2020).

Previous Projects

TicketBay: fellow OSU students and I developed a mobile app for Ohio State University students to sell second-hand football tickets.

HealthyAgers: a fullstack web application that I led the development of at Ohio State University.

Airpods: a macOS app I published to connect/disconnect from your Airpods quickly.

ubscrape: an Urban Dictionary scraper I built, aimed at NLP research.

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Sam Stevens, 2020