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100 Days of Sam-wiches

I’m going to make a sandwich every day, for 100 days. I’m going to be really good at making sandwiches.

Currently on hold because of COVID-19.


  1. Ham, cheese and onion
  2. Ham, cheddar and mustard mayo
  3. Turkey, ham, havarti and spicy mayo
  4. Ham, salami, havarti, spicy mayo and pickled pepper spread
  5. Salami, habanero pepperjack and sweet relish press
  6. Salami, turkey, habanero pepperjack and pickled peppers
  7. Ham, turkey, habanero pepperjack, spicy mustard and sweet relish on a bagel
  8. Shaved beef and banana peppers on sourdough
  9. A bunch of stuff.
  10. Onions, Munster and ham on a bagel
  11. Hot dog on a bagel
  12. Three cheese melt with onions and peppers
  13. Double ham and cheese with onions


Sandwich Ideas

Topping Ideas

General Tips

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Sam Stevens, 2020