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I developed Airpods, a macOS app that is a simple wrapper for lapfelix’s awesome BluetoothConnector. If you install Airpods, and you use Spotlight Search (like me), then you can go CMD+SPACE Airp... and smash ENTER to disconnect or connect to your airpods (assuming you only have one pair).

The build process is wildly convoluted and could be fixed with a makefile (I think, I still need to learn how to use makefiles, but I hear amazing things about them. What’s the difference between a makefile and a bash script?), but it works and is documented.

I’d like to eventually publish this on the App Store, but I also needed to get this off my plate, and it currently works.

Download Here


Airpods in Spotlight Search

The notification that shows up


I added a simple print option to BluetoothConnector so that I could use an image of Airpods for the notifications, but other than that, just used the default BluetoothConnnector commands and packaged the binary with my .app/.dmg so that it has no external dependencies.

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Sam Stevens, 2022