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My name is Sam Stevens. I’m a fourth year undergrad at THE Ohio State University, where I study Computer Science and minor in German.

I’m currently (autumn 2020) working on my honors undergraduate thesis in natural language processing with Prof. Yu Su.

I previously worked on TicketBay with Salty Software and HealthyAgers with Dr Ruchika Prakash.

I’ve been lucky to intern at GE Aviation (twice!) in Cincinnati, study abroad in Dresden, Germany, and intern at Microsoft remotely.


Ordered from oldest to latest

TicketBay: fellow OSU students and I developed a mobile app for Ohio State University students to sell second-hand football tickets. (Jan 2018 - Jan 2020)

HealthyAgers: a fullstack web application that I led the development of at Ohio State University. (June 2018 - Oct 2019)

Airpods: a macOS app I published to connect/disconnect from your Airpods quickly. (September 2020)

ubscrape: an Urban Dictionary scraper I built aimed at NLP research. (November 2020)

img-alter: a program to add alt attributes to <img/> tags using MS Azure. (June 2020)

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