I'm Sam.

Learner first, student second.

Here's what I did

GE Aviation

Digital Technology Intern, Summers of 2017 and 2018
Cincinnati, Ohio

GE Aviation is a powerhouse engineering firm, and has recently expanded their digital offerings, beginning in the Aviation company. I was fortunate enough to intern at GE Aviation after graduating high school in 2017, and returned in 2018 to continue my learning. While at GE, I developed full stack applications and furthered my knowledge of formal, corporate software development.

Here's what I do


Co-Founder and Developer, Since Winter of 2017
Columbus, Ohio

My roommate couldn't buy a ticket for the Penn State football game in 2017. As a football fan, it was atrocious to me that he didn't get to enjoy that game. We devised a plan to make it easier for Buckeye students to buy and sell tickets to each other. In the process, we discovered that football attendance has been steadily dropping, leading to emptier and emptier stadiums. We set out to make an app that was Buckeye in every way possible, and along with 2 other students, released TicketBay in August 2018.

The Ohio State University

Full Stack Developer (Lead), Since Spring of 2018
Columbus, Ohio

After participating in the 2018 Brain Health Hack, I met Dr. Ruchika Prakash, who was beginning an amazing 5-year study in the effects of mindfulness in aging seniors. She needed a developer to implement the technical component of her study, allowing her to record usage data from study participants automatically, dramatically improving accuracy and quantity of data.

How to get in touch

I like meeting everyone.

Let's talk about tech, business, German, good books, lifting weights. Let's talk about whatever you're passionate about; that's the fun stuff.

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